Wireless Systems

Our wireless Alarm and CCTV Security Systems are perfect to install in existing buildings. We offer modern solutions with minimalist hardware to Suit your Home, Bach or Business.

A wireless alarm systems provides you with the option of installing a Security System into an existing building where wiring is not possible. Alarms Coromandel can design, install and service modern wireless systems with minimalistic hardware to suit your Home, Bach or Business. A Wireless System provides you with all the peace of mind of a Security System that is also easy to use and monitored from your Phone via the App.

Alarm Systems

Wireless Systems are an intergral measure in securing your property. With the ability to design a system to suit your particular needs, these systems are extremely user friendly. They give you the ability to check on your property remotely. With new technologies available a wireless System can be the perfect solution to your needs. Contact us to see what sort of System would suit your requirements.

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